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William ( YU Fei )


E-mail: feiyu@stu.edu.cn

I have graduated with a second Master’s Degree from the University of Birmingham specialising in Applied Linguistics with TESOL. My academic journey has been a rewarding and enriching experience, which has enabled me to develop organizational abilities, adaptable communication skills and effective research competency.

In my roles as a student counsellor and HR Recruitment Specialist over the past years, I significantly improved my working capacities and problem-solving abilities while I fulfilled my job requirements. My ambition guided me to proactively make full use of my spare time to satisfy my curiosity about education.

Within my role as an English Assistant, my primary targets were to help students who either lacked interest in English or who needed help to increase their vocabulary and strengthen their fundamental English skills. It was important to motivate and empower the students to improve their abilities.

I aspire to become a lifelong language teacher who can apply the latest teaching methodologies and strategies to different social and cultural contexts. I am eager to gain exposure to the latest developments in TESOL research, policy and practice to allow me to continually reflect and improve upon my own teaching style and methods.


MA in Applied Linguistics with TESOL, September 2021

University of Birmingham–Birmingham, UK

ME in Education Management, December 2019

Xiamen University–Xiamen, China

BA in English (Business English Orientation), July 2011

Chengyi University College, Jimei University–Xiamen, China