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Each year, the ELC organizes and hosts an English Festival and an International Symposium at Shantou University to promote English learning on campus. These events are focal points for the academic year, with the English Festival held in the fall term and the International Symposium held in the spring. Both events extend beyond the campus as well, drawing students and professionals from major universities in China and the world. They offer Shantou University students and instructors the opportunity to showcase the hard work they have done throughout the year, as well as to learn from the experiences of students and instructors at other institutions.

The English Festival extends over four days and includes intercollegiate speech and singing contests and a talent show, as well. This festival is a wonderful chance for students to share what they have learned with each other, and to experience the thrill of performing on the STU stage. While the English Festival is primarily targeted towards the student body, the International Symposium is an opportunity for faculty members and those interested in teaching to learn from experienced professionals and researchers in the field.

These intercollegiate and international events raise the profile of the ELC at Shantou University as a successful and vibrant educational program, and, at the same time, serve to increase student enthusiasm for English learning. By forming partnerships with English programs from other universities, the ELC also benefits, garnering knowledge from their field experience and laying the foundation for future collaboration.