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Sophia ( TIAN Chuan )


E-mail: chtian@stu.edu.cn

I obtained my BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Hebei Normal University. As an undergraduate, I participated in a one-year exchange program with the University of Nebraska, US, where I furthered my study of the English language and volunteered as a Chinese tutor. This experience also inspired my interest in cross-cultural communication and translation. In 2020, after two years of study at the University of Queensland, Australia, I received an MA in Translation and Interpreting and a Student Excellence Award from the AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators).

I have years of working experience in both translation and education. Before joining ELC, I worked with Translation Express in Australia, mainly responsible for the English-to-Chinese subtitle translation of Netflix products. Besides this, I also worked as an English teacher in a Chinese public high school. These field practices allowed me to interact with language learners with different abilities and support them with appropriate teaching strategies accordingly.

As an enthusiastic language learner, educator and translator, my research interests lie in translation, interpreting and second language acquisition.


MA in Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting, December 2020

University of Queensland - Brisbane, Australia

BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Lanuage, June, 2014

Hebei Normal University - Shijiazhuang, China