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Shirley ( LI Xiaoting )


E-mail: xiaotingli@stu.edu.cn

Xiaoting Li got her BA in English Language and Culture in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2009 and got M.Ed in Deakin University, Australia in 2011. She also has worked as a visiting scholar majoring in Teacher Professional Development in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies for one year in 2019. She became an English teacher in Tertiary Education after graduation. She has a wealth of experience in teaching and she has always adopted a student-centered learning approach. She has worked in Neusoft Institute Guangdong as a college English teacher in the past ten years, during which she got the title of Excellent Teacher twice, won nine prizes in teaching contests both in provincial and school levels, and worked in leading roles in six research projects at provincial, city and school levels. Being an English teacher who can teach and help students to be better selves has always been and will be her dream.


M.Ed, April 2011

Deakin University - Melbourne, Australia

BA in English, July 2009

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - Guangzhou, China