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E-mail: mmzhou@stu.edu.cn

My interests are located in the communication and media area, with an emphasis on language, digital communication, international media practice, and cross-cultural communication.

I was responsible for delivering some American school courses in English for Chinese teenagers, aiming to exercise the students' English thinking abilities and presentation skills with subject knowledge. In addition to teaching some preparatory English courses of the Chinese college entrance examination for high school students, I also delivered IELTS, TOEFL, SAT/ACT lectures for students who are intended to apply for programs in American universities.

With several years of learning and living experience in Western countries, and particularly as an intern working for Chris O'Brien Lifehouse in Australia for marketing and customer relations, I have developed a strong cross-cultural communication awareness and global citizenship consciousness which can be very helpful in my future English language teaching.


MA in Media Practice, Jan 2021

Sydney University-Sydney, Australia

BA(Honours) in Arts, Major program in Economics&Communication, Culture, Information and Technology, June 2019

University of Toronto-Mississauga, Canada