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Ada ( WANG Xiaoli )



E-mail: xiaoliwang@stu.edu.cn

Ada (Wang Xiaoli) holds a Master of Commerce degree in Professional Accounting from The University of Sydney and a BA in English for Science and Technology from South China University of Technology (Guangzhou, China). In 2015, she’s been admitted as an EdD student to The University of Nottingham (Ningbo Campus).

After graduation from the college, she has worked in different positions at 3 international companies in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Sydney. In 2007, she came to Shantou University and started to teach English to different levels of undergraduate students, which covered EA and Level 1-4. As the only Chinese lecturer with a background of business in ELC, she develops a great interest in ESP, particularly in the business area. Except for the English teaching assignments, she was also involved in the curricula and materials development for ESP-Business courses in 2009.

Owing to her zeal for Chinese culture, she received TCSL trainings and got a professional certificate from Beijing Language and Culture University in 2011 so she’s been an experienced teacher of the Advanced Chinese class in STU for 3 years.


EdD Candidate

University of Nottingham Ningbo China - Ningbo, China

MA in Accounting, June 2007

The University of Sydney - Sydney, Australia

BA in English for Science and Technology, June 2004

South China University of Technology - Guangzhou, China