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Belle ( LI Zhenzi )



E-mail: zhzli@stu.edu.cn

I have been influenced by my grandmother, a teacher since I was a child. Becoming a teacher has always been my dream, and I have striven to achieve this dream. After I graduated with Interdisciplinary Studies of BA, I kept pursuing my dream and I obtained a master’s degree in TESOL and Maryland Certification at Salisbury University. When I graduated in May of 2020, I was selected as one of the graduate student speakers at the Commencement.

During my master studies, I had the opportunity to get a full-time internship at Pinehurst Elementary School and at Bennett High School. I taught English to English language learners at elementary school and high school. I realized how much teaching as a profession meant more than just a job as I spent more time in class with my students. I gained more insight into being a better teacher as classes went on.

In addition to teaching, Guzheng is also an interest of mine and I obtained the Guzheng certification at level 7. I also enjoy Chinese classical dancing and I performed alongside others at various events.


MA in TESOL & Maryland Certification, May 2020

Salisbury University - Salisbury, Maryland, USA  

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, December 2015

Salisbury University - Salisbury, Maryland, USA