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Catherine ( BAI Xian )



E-mail: xianbai@stu.edu.cn

Catherine once worked as a teaching assistant in an international education institute –English First in Guangzhou. In her two years’ teaching there, she experienced the joy of helping students achieve success in English learning and developed a heartfelt love for this profession, which led her to pursue further study in the field of English teaching. Eventually, she earned an MA degree in Education (concentrating on English Language Teaching) with merit from Hong Kong Baptist University. Afterwards, she returned to Shantou and joined the ELC of Shantou University.

Catherine has taught ELC Level 1 and Level 2 and has worked as a consultant for different services, including How Do I Improve My English, the Chinese Room and the IELTS Help Center. She loves STU students and helps them not only to improve their English skills but also to boost their confidence in using English. Her research interests include task-based learning and ESL writing.

In her spare time, she likes baking, reading, watching movies and playing the piano.   


MEd in English Teaching, November 2012

Hong Kong Baptist University

BS in Economics and Management, June 2006

South China Agricultural Univeristy