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Claire ( LUO Yanbao )



E-mail: ybluo@stu.edu.cn

Claire Lo (Yanbao Luo) earned an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction (with a focus on foreign language teaching and ESOL) fromthe University of Virginia, USand a BA in English from South China Normal University.

Through her study at UVA, she built up a solid foundation in the theory of curriculum design and instruction, general linguistics, testing and measurement as well as foreign language teaching and learning. She taught Chinese at the Charlottesville Chinese School and in high school in the States. The inspiring moments of cultural collision in everyday life as well as in the classroom fueled her understanding of how far a language could go to serve as a bridge between two worlds, which in turn encouraged her to develop her research interest in socio-pragmatics and intercultural competence. People do not only learn language for basic survival, but also for a fuller understanding of a totally different way of living and communicating.

Claire is also trained as a curriculum designer. With her strong belief in communicative language teaching, she is dedicated to designing and implementing multidisciplinary and immersion units that reinforce the real uses of language.


MA in Curriculum and Instruction, August 2015

University of Virginia - Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

BA in English (Education), July2014

South China Normal University - Guangzhou, China