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Hamish Rajarathnam Lokhu


Voice and Accent Trainer

E-mail: hamishl@stu.edu.cn

Hamish is from the city of Bollywood, Mumbai. He has an overall experience of 15 years out of which 12 years are into training and teaching English. He has taught students from India, South Africa, China and Indonesia. Before coming to China, he worked as an Assistant Manager – Training until 2012; that's when he decided to move his focus from teaching adults to teaching children. He then moved to North East of China (Shandong); teaching primary and middle school students spoken English. He has taught various age group of adults and children, so far. English being a dynamic language has always kept him glued for its spoken variations. Hamish’s research interests include ESP, EIL (English as International Language), benefits of Formative assessments in class and impact of 1st language on spoken English.


TEFL 120 hour certification course - Feb 2012

Bachelor in Commerce - June 2011

Periyar University - Tamilnadu, India