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E-mail: yangxy@stu.edu.cn

Yang Xiaoyu joined the English Language Center, Shantou University in 2020. Prior to that, she taught various English courses in Guangzhou, including General College English for different levels of undergraduate students, as well as Reading Skills for double-major students of English. She aims to increase the happiness and effectiveness of second language teaching and learning, with a focus on individual differences.

Xiaoyu is interested in a wide range of areas in the field of second language acquisition and positive psychology. She worked on the relationship between the English proficiency, language anxiety and willingness to communicate in her MA dissertation. She has also published journal articles regarding language transfer, English writing, information and communication technology in English teaching. More recently, she has been involved in the ELC Strategies Project and she develops a great interest in interdisciplinary research as well.

Aside from giving lessons and doing research, Xiaoyu continues exploring new possibilities in her wonderland. She likes to play music and draw in her free time. Mostly, she enjoys listening to music while driving.


MA in English Language Education, December, 2017, University of Reading

BA in English Language & Literature, June, 2014, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies