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Jessica ( SU Xuefeng )



E-mail: xfsu@stu.edu.cn

After graduating from Guangdong University of Foreign studies in 2005, Jessica became an English teacher at Chaozhou Jinshan Middle School. Her 10 years of work there consolidated her vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. In 2014, she got a chance for a one-month teacher training program at Victoria University of Wellinton, New Zealand, and it was then that she began to have the idea of studying further to refine her teaching skills. Her preparation and application for further study went smoothly and in July, 2015 she became a graduate student at the University of Aukland, New Zealand, majoring in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree.

She chose to work as a lecturer of the English Language Center of Shantou University because STU is a good place for both teaching and learning English-the former her career and the latter her life-long interest.

Her research interests lie in Task-based Learning and Teaching.


MA in TESOL, September 2016

The University of Aukland - Auckland, New Zealand

BA in English Literature and Culture, June 2005

BA in Business Administration, June 2004

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - Guangdong, China