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Nana ( WEI Lijiao )



E-mail: ljwei@stu.edu.cn

With a keen interest in the field of English education, Nana taught English at the Predeparture Training Department at Beijing Language and Culture University in 2012. Prior to that, she was a New Concept English teacher for one year at Beijing Trends Education. Enthusiastic about public service, she also served as a volunteer teacher at Beijing New Hope School in 2011 and at Ziyuan No.2 Middle School in Guangxi in August 2012.

Nana’s research interests include language testing and TESL.

Since joining the ELC, besides teaching ELC1, ELC2, PG1 and PG2, Nana has been a consultant for the How Do I Improve My English, a service which aims to put students in charge of their own language learning. She also coached two students in the final of the 2014 National English Competition for College Students, with one of them winning a special award and the other the first prize.

Fond of sharing her own learning and life experiences with students, Nana hopes to help them with their English language learning and tries her best to be a good teacher and helpful friend to them.


MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, July 2013Beijing Language and Culture University - Beijing, China

BA in Business English, July 2010

Guangdong University of Finance and Economics -Guangzhou, China