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Associate Professor

E-mail: lrxiao@stu.edu.cn

Peter Xiao has been teaching English at Shantou University ever since he graduated from here with a BA degree in English in 1987. In addition, he obtained an MA degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2002.

He is now Associate Professor of the English Language Center (ELC) at Shantou University. His research interests include pragmatics and English language teaching, and he has published more than 10 articles in the Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, Foreign Languages Research, Higher Education of Sciences, Shandong Foreign Languages Journal, Shantou University Journal (Humanities & Social Sciences), etc.


MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, June 2002 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies -Guangzhou, China

BA in English, June 1987

Shantou University - Shantou, China