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Ravi Dutt Sharma


Voice and Accent Trainer

E-mail: ravids@stu.edu.cn

Ravi is a result-oriented and quality-driven professional with over 13 years of experience in teaching English and interpersonal skills to speakers of other languages. He has been associated with the English Language Center of Shantou University since 2009--when he spearheaded the Voice and Accent Program from planning to implementation. His academic interests include Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning (CAT and CAL), Pronunciation, Intercultural Communication and Teaching Needs Identification and Analysis (TNI and TNA). He has also initiated a highly successful co-curricular activity on campus (i.e. TED@STU).

Ravi likes keeping his mind and body in check by regularly meditating and working out at the gym,and he also relishes getting an adrenaline rush by doing adventure sports.


Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP),

Approved by Richard Bandler

IELTS -Train the trainer,

British Council


Specialization in teaching and assessing adult learners.

Training and Development,

ISTD, India

BS in Information Technology,

SMU, India