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E-mail: sandraz@stu.edu.cn

I earned a MED at Education University of Hong Kong and a BA in English at South China University of Technology. The undergraduate and graduate studiesdeepened my understanding of English language, general linguistics, learning motivation cognitive learning theory, etc.

When I was a graduate student, I visited some mainstream schools and special schools in Hong Kong voluntarily. These school visits enabled me to observe real cases in educational settings, and provided me with some effective skills about dealing with students’ issues in schools.

Besides, I worked as a part-time English teacher for primary and secondary school students. As the age and personality of my students varied from one to another,I had to adjust my teaching methods to meet their different learning purposes and strategies. In this process, I improved my problem-solving ability and communication skills.

My research interests include psychological linguistics, language teaching and learning, and cognitive learning theory.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, playing the piano and watching movies.


MED (Master of Education), July 2017

The Education University of Hong Kong – Hong Kong, China

BA in English, July 2015

South China University of Technology – Guangzhou, China