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Sharon ( XIE Jieting )



E-mail: jtxie@stu.edu.cn

After participating in voluntary teaching work in a primary school in Zhongshan during summer vacation of the second year of study in GDUFS, Sharon found herself having great interest in teaching English as she performed so well in the voluntary work and earned students' trust and love. At that time, she made up her mind to become an English teacher with excellent English proficiency. With this idea in mind, while studying at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she selected an educational course called Teaching Chinese Grammar to Non-native Speakers where she learned some language teaching methodologies. After that, she taught Chinese in Hong Kong in a Chinese educational centre called Little Beijing Putonghua Education Centre in which she applied everything she had learned and gained recognition and respect from students of various ages and their parents. In order to explore more concerning TESOL methodologies, she also took the Teaching Knowledge Test of Cambridge: Practical Preparation Programme in Macao in July, 2015 and later obtained a TKT Practical certificate.

Her current research interests mainly focus on language assessment, motivation and language learning.


MA in Translating and Interpreting, October 2012

Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Hong Kong, China

BA in English (International Business Law), June 2011 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China