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Associate Professor

E-mail: yungnanchiang@stu.edu.cn

Dr. Chiang is an Associate Professor at Shantou University.Heholds a PhD in Foreign Language Education from the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

He enjoys teacing a range of courses at both undergrduate and postgraduate levels, including language skills courses, ESP, EAP, teacher training, interpreting studies, and gender studies.Here at Shantou University, he teaches intergrated skills courses for undergraduates.

His research interests include second language acquistion, lanuage pedagogy, interpreting and translation studies. He has published and presented extensively on learner variables in second language learners and interpreting trainees, such aslanguage learning strategies, learning styles, perfectionism, and language anxiety.


PhD in Foreign Language Education

University of Texas at Austin - USA

MA in English Literature

Chengchi University - Taiwan

BA in English Language & Literature

Chengchi University - Taiwan