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Placement Test

The ELC Oral Placement Test is administered to all incoming students prior to the start of classes in the Fall Semester. The test, based on the IELTS Speaking Exam, consists of an interview conducted with each student. The interview, carried out by an interlocutor and an assessor, is divided into three sections:

SECTION 1: self-introduction (3 minutes): Students respond to questions concerning hobbies, interests, family etc.

SECTION 2: individual long turn (3 minutes): Students receive a topic and, after preparing silently for one minute, speak on the topic for one to two minutes.

SECTION 3: two-way discussion (3 minutes): Students respond to slightly more abstract questions based on the topic of SECTION 2.

The results of the test count for 60% of a students’ total score, with the other 40% coming from the English section of the College Entrance Exam. Once total scores have been calculated, students are placed into one of the ELC levels (i.e., Foundations, ELC 1, ELC 2, ELC 3, ELC 4) and are thus able to receive instruction appropriate to their stage of language learning and to interact with peers at a similar stage.