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Sohani Gandhioke

Book Entry:

Sohani Gandhioke and Chanchal Singh, pg-163-164,‘Cat Got Your Tongue’, Paul McPherron and Patrick T. Randolph, TESOL PRESS

Conference Presentations:

2012: ‘5thAnnual International Conference on Literature, Languages & Linguistics’, 9-12 July

2012, Athens, Greece.Creative Expression and Cross-Cultural Sensitivity in Language Acquisition”.

2013: ‘International Academic Conference, IACP’, 5- 6 August 2013, Paris, France.“The Dynamics of Creative Expression and Emotional Intelligence in Language Pedagogy”.

2014: IJAS, International Journal of Arts & Sciences, ‘International Conference for

Academic Disciplines, Ca’ Foscari University’,30June –3July 2014, Venice, Italy.“Creative Expression in Language Acquisition and Cross-Cultural Competency”.

2015: ‘EDULEARN, IATED, 7th International Conference on Education and New Learning

Technologies’, 6-8July 2015, Barcelona (Spain).Language Acquisition - Using Innovative Learning andTeaching Methodologies".

2016: ‘Eleventh International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences - An Age and

its Ends: Social Science in the Era of the Anthropocene', 2-4 August 2016, Imperial

College London, UK.The Impact of Culture on Social Globalization and Language as a Means of Communication”.

2017: ‘ICEL, 2017 International Conference on Education and Learning’, 16-18 August 2017, Tokyo, Japan.The Impact of Language on Creative Expression and Cross-Cultural Sensitivity: Language as a Means of Communication”.