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Lily Zhang (ZHANG Li)


Peng, J., L. Zhang & Y. Chen. (2017). The mediation of multimodal affordances on willingness to communicate in the English as a foreign language classroom. TESOL Quarterly (SSCI), 51(2), 302-331.

Zhang, L., Co-teaching for Building up Intercultural Communication Awareness and Competence, TESOLANZ Newsletter, Vol.26, #1, April, 2017 (www. Tesolanz.org.nz/Site/Publications/newsletter.aspx)


张立,2013,基于整合思维理论视角的英语公共演讲[A]高校英语专业教学改革与发展 http://www.iresearch.ac.cn/hottopic/detail.php?PostID=8825


Conference Presentations:

Li, J., & L. Zhang. (2017). Reshaping Classrooms and Thinking through Synchronous Video Conferencing. Paper presented at the 13th International Conference on Linguistics and Language Research (ICLLR). Lisbon, Portugal.

Zhang, L. (2016). Co-teaching for Building Intercultural Communication Awareness and Competence. Paper presented at CLESOL 2016 Conference- Learners in Context: Bridging the Gaps. Hamilton, New Zealand.

Zhang, L. (2016). A Study on English Public Speaking with Integrative Thinking. Paper presented at the STU International Conference on TESOL. Shantou, China.

Chasten, A & Zhang, L. (2014). Intercultural Communication: More Than Culture Learning, More Than Language Proficiency. Paper presented at ELT For The Next Generation TESOL Convention 2014. Portland, Oregon, USA


Zhang, L. (2011). Developing Integrative Thinking Skills in ESP Persuasive Speaking Class. Paper presented at The 3rd International Conference on English for Special Purposes in Asia. Xian, China

Research Project Participation:

Participated in Teaching College English Towards Intercultural Competence. (2013-2015)