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2008 Publications and Reserch Projects

Angela Su

•  (&.Xu, L)Intertemporal  Pricing and Allotment of Sea-cargo Capacity under

Reference Effect , Journal of Service Science and Management, 3, 204-214.

•  Study on College English Teaching Methods Based on Cultivating Students’

Intercultural Communication Competence , Higher education research .12,46-47.

•  Analysis of Teaching Countermeasures, Chinese Journal of Shantou University,


Don Snow

•  Cantonese as Written Standard? Journal of Asian Pacific Communication,

18(2), 2008.

Gabriel Fang

•  Optimization of Multimedia English Teaching in Context Creation. International

Education Studies, 1, 136-142.

•  People mountain, people sea: a study of four Chinese English idioms on the

Web. English Today, 24, 46-50.

•  (& Yuan M.M.). Globalised English in Asia, Now and the Future – A Perspective

between English in Singapore and China. The 13th International Conference on English

in Southeast Asia. Singapore.

•  (&Kunschak, C.). Intelligibility, Acceptability, Target-likeness: Teacher vs. Student

Perspectives on the Teaching of Pronunciation within an EIL Framework. Linguistic

Society of the Philippines 2008 Conference and General Meeting. Manila: The Philippines.

•  (&杨伟燕).优化英语多媒体教学语境创设的研究. 外语艺术教育研究 [J], 24 (4), pp. 56-60.

David Hume

•  The development of souvenirs: the arc of the boomerang.

Lily Zhang

•  College Student Perceptions of Peer Review in EFL Writing in China, Journal

of Sichuan International Studies University, 4, 141- 144.