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2010 Publications and Reserch Projects

Allana Jia

•  Zhongming Chen, Hongbo Jia.“Teach Me to Fly:” A Literary-cum-Cultural Study of Paul

Yee’s Chinese-Canadian Female Characters. Forum for Chinese Literature of the World, 2,32-36.

•  Hongbo Jia. The Loss of Female Subjectivity in The Blind Assassin. Journal of Northeast

Agricultural University (Social Science Edition), 5,72-75.

David Hume

•  Goodbye B543, Temporary, 148-150.

Don Snow

•  Hong Kong and Modern Diglossia. International Journal of the Sociology of

Language, 206, 2010.

•  Autonomy and Strategizing in Self-Directed Language Learning. Asian Journal of

English Language Teaching 20, 2010.

•  To Learn Chinese, Just Go to China? In Perspectives on Chinese Language and

Culture, edited by Ik-sang Eom, Yea-fen Chen, and Shih-Chang Hsin. Crane Publishing

Company, 2010.

•  Diglossia in East Asia. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 20(1), 2010.

Gabriel Fang

•  A Discussion on Developing Students’ Communicative Competence in College

English Teaching in China. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 1 (2),

pp. 111-116.

•  基于世界英语框架下的大学英语教学 [J]. 汕头大学学报, 26 (3), pp. 88-93.

•  A Future Target of EFL Development in China – A Path from Communicative to

Intercultural Competence. 8th AsiaTEFL. Hanoi: Viet Nam.

•  (& Kunschak, C.). Reorienting and Re-recognizing Chinese English in the

Framework of World Englishes. 16th conference on the International Association

for World Englishes. Vancouver: Canada.

•  (&Kunschak, C. , Zheng H.B.). ELF: Identity + Comprehensibility = Common

Ground. 3rd Conference on English as a Lingua Franca. Vienna: Austria.

•  An Attitudinal Study on Chinese English Idioms – with Reflections on English

Teaching in the Framework of World Englishes. ELC 2010 Conference. Shantou: China.

Mark Robinson

•  Asian Conference on Education (ACE); December 2-5, 2010; Osaka, Japan; Panel

member for the Shantou University ELC on curricula and materials development for

ESP-Law courses.

•  Annual Conference of the National Association of Foreign Language Education (NAFLE);

November 12-14, 2010; Beijing, China; “Beyond assessment: Teachers' roles in testing and


•  Israel Forum on Academic Writing (IFAW); 28-29 July 2010; Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv,

Israel; “Trials and tribulations of Chinese law students with the English language:

Intercultural Rhetoric Research”.

•  International Conference on English Language Teaching; April 27-29, 2010; Shantou

University English Language Center; Shantou, China; “Trials and tribulations of Chinese

law students with English.”

•  Content-Based Instruction (CBI) Project.Rita, Mark Robinson; Author; STU; Sept

2010-June 2011; RMB5,000.

John Pierrel

•  Let students ask the questions … and let the webosphere answer them! TESOLIN,

28(2), 10-11.

•  Developing Materials for Teaching Word Stress in English. Department of English.

Muncie, IN, Ball State

University. M.A.: 127.