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2011 Publications and Reserch Projects

Angela Su

•  ( & Zeng Fq) Study on Entrepreneurial Process Model for SIFE Student Team Based on

Timmons Model. Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship,3, 206-214.

•  An Empirical Study of the Cultivation of Autonomous learning Ability of College English

Students,(SR10003); Chair: Su li; Participant: Haley, Jane; Liberal Arts Foundation,

supported by Shantou University, 2011-1~2012-12; 20,000RMB.

Gabriel Fang

•  ( & Yuan M.M.). Globalised English in Asia, Now and the Future – A Perspective between

English in Singapore and China. In: Zhang, L.J., & Rubdy, R., & Alsagoff, L. (Eds.). Asian

Englishes: Changing Perspectives in a Globalised World (pp. 93-118). Singapore: Pearson.

•  International Cultures in the Framework of World Englishes: What Should EFL Teachers

Do. The Journal of AsiaTEFL, 8 (1), pp. 111-137.

•  Teachers’ Feedback on Chinese English Idiom – With Reflection on English Education

in an ELF Framework. 4th Conference on English as a Lingua Franca. Hong Kong SAR: China.

Mark Robinson

•  English Language Teacher Educator Conference, January 22-24, 2011, Hyderabad,

India, sponsored by the British Council, “Beyond Assessment: Curricula and materials

development for ESP/EAP teacher education”.

Peter Xiao

•  (& Liu, J.) A new model in English language teaching in China: The case of Shantou

University, Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, 3, 39-53.