Sunday August 01 , 2021
Amy Li ( LI Goudi ) ELC Office Manager

Amy Li (LI Goudi) received an MA in Business Administration from Shantou University in December, 2016 and a BA in English from Xi'an Shiyou University in July, 2006. She joined the English Language Center of Shantou University in 2008. In the past ten years, she has served as Teaching Affairs Assitant, International Teachers and Co-Curricular Activities Assistant and ELC Office Manager ( her current position ). She also taught Chinese as a Foreign Language in the ELC for three years and had a great time with international students.

  She likes challenges and reading. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 



   Master Of Business Administration, December 2016

   Shantou University - Shantou, China

   BA in English, June 2006Xi'an Shiyou University - Xi'an, China

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