Sunday August 01 , 2021
Silvia ( ZHENG Cui ) Instructor

Silvia graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies where she got her BA in English. She got her MA degree at Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Communication. After graduation, she got a job as the Deputy Secretary-General in the Translators Association of Guangdong Province. Being enthusiastic about teaching and inspired by the professors with whom she had contact, she became an English teacher in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature in Xinhua College of Sun Yat Sen University before she joined the ELC of STU. Aside from her experiences in teaching, she has also obtained experience as a tutor in giving instructions to the students about their academic performance as well as their daily life.

Her teaching concept is in tune with the ELC’s mission, which is to cultivate students' language proficiency, critical thinking skills as well as intercultural communication skills. She enjoys spending time with students and has a good relationship with them.

She has a wide range of interests including singing, dancing, watching movies and traveling. As an outgoing person, she likes to communicate with different people with the belief that she can obtain wisdom from them.



MA in Communication, November 2014

Hong Kong Baptist University--Hong Kong, China

BA in English (Culture and Communication), July 2013Guangdong University of Foreign Studies--Guangzhou, China


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