Sunday August 01 , 2021
Lin ( LIN Shaojuan ) Associate Professor

Lin Shaojuan has been working as a foreign language teacher for three decades, serving at two high schools and one university in China and three universities in the USA.

Lin’s teaching philosophy has been built up primarily based on her working experiences and theories about adult education and foreign language teaching.  Lin believes that foreign language classroom teaching should weave cultural information throughout both the content delivered and the training of “four skills” (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Knowledge of the target language society should be introduced critically by clarifying key social, cultural, and political issues that link to the lives of students. Students learn better when new knowledge is presented from a problem solving approach. Learning activities should focus on practicality and provide for practice and repetition. Assessment strategies should be able to reach the instructive goals and to evaluate students’ cognitive development.

In her current classroom teaching with English as a Medium of Instruction, Lin is working to enhance students’ abilities in critical thinking with an awareness of social contexts. 



Ed D in Postsecondary Education, June, 2011

Portland State University, USA

MA in Curriculum and Instruction, June, 2005

Portland State University, USA

MA in Policy, Foundations and Adminstration, June, 2005 Portland State University, USA

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