Sunday July 05 , 2020
Vivian ( WEI En ) Instructor

I graduated from Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou in 2013, with a BA degree in Management and Business. My experience of doing voluntary teaching work in a remote rural area in China during the summer vacation of the sophomore year led me to become a teacher, since I felt that teaching could be a very rewarding and honorable career which allowed teachers to have an input in the development of young lives.

Hence, later, I chose to major in MA TESOL. During the years of studying in TESOL, I felt that the organized learning of theories provided evidence ofmy own learning experience as a Chinese EFL learner.

During the years of teaching in STU, I have been insisting on creating more opportunities to encourage students to speak in class. I am also adept at creating a variety of related and interesting activities for increasing students' enthusiasm. Besides teaching, I also serve as a consultant in the How Do I Improve My English Room at CILL, helping students recognize their problems or difficulties in learning English and design their independent learning plans. 



MA in TESOL, January 2015

University of York - York, UK

BS in Management and Business, June 2013

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies - Guangzhou, China

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