Friday September 17 , 2021
Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León Associate Director

Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León has a BA in Education, a PhD in Pedagogical Sciences and is a Full Professor. He is a lecturer on studies of the English-speaking cultures in the formation of university students that will use English as a tool in their profession. For years, he was the Chair of the Academic Discipline History of the English-Speaking Cultures of Cuban universities. Velázquez León is a James Madison Fellow, a Visiting Scholar of the University of McGill, and has lectured in the universities of Western Ontario, McGill and Sherbrook. He has written numerous articles and a couple of books on his field as well as a thesis on moral education. As Vice-President of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance and Editor in Chief of the bilingual magazine, The Ambassador, Velázquez León translated and published many books and anthologies. At present, he works on a trilogy of books on the history and culture of the English-speaking cultures. He considers that, whenever possible, class experiences must be expanded to the students’ personal and social experiences in a productive conflict with the English-speaking cultures that contributes to the students’ integral education as conscious moral members of society.



PhD in English, December 2010, University of Holguín - Holguin, Cuba

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