Sunday July 05 , 2020
John Harper Senior Lecturer

Since receiving an MA-TESOL degree in 1991, John has worked as a teacher of English as a Second or Foreign Language, first in Colombia, then in Taiwan and Peru, briefly in Hawaii, later in Mexico, and presently in Mainland China (at STU, obviously).  His experience abroad has provided him with ample opportunities to refine and develop his teaching style and to adjust that style to different cultural and institutional settings. The time abroad has also allowed him to become more sensitive to and knowledgeable of diverse cultural practices.

John is particularly interested in the areas of intercultural communication, motivation, and materials development. Intercultural communication, he feels, is now important for everyone. And students, if self-motivated and also motivated with effective materials, are likely to advance faster in their language studies. John is also a big fan of the ELC’s co-curricular activities—as these activities provide students with an enjoyable and beneficial opportunity to further improve their language skills.



MA in TESOL, May 1991

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

BA in English, May 1987

University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA     


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