Sunday August 01 , 2021

Voice and Accent Training 2


Voice and Accent Training 2


General course description


This course, after providing a brief review of fundamentals, seeks to improve the pronunciation of students who already have a fairly high level of pronunciation of the basic sounds. In order to accomplish this goal, it will lead students to focus on higher-level, discourse-oriented aspects of pronunciation. Reinforcement and practice of these skills will be obtained through role plays, short speeches, and interviews along with feedback related to these tasks. Finally, students will be asked to demonstrate their acquired abilities by presenting a short, one-act play. All of these tasks are intended to lead to the attainment of the overall aim of the course--to help students to become more competent, confident, and effective in their communication skills.


The course is entirely based on an interactive learning process. Simulation and experimental learning is supplemented with handouts and with documents and/or videos posted on MYSTU or provided in class. Internet-based materials and tools will be made available for students to download and practice on their own. 

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