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General course description:This course is designed for advanced learners of English to improve their oral skills. By focusing on the development of oral communication skills (speaking), this course provides opportunities to engage learners in expressing ideas, exchanging thoughts, debating on issues, and also developing their interest and abilities in critical thinking through task-based instructions.


In particular, this course aims at developing learners’ high-level communicative competence through critical debates. This course also provides learners with different perspectives on up-to-date and hot discussion issues, and enables learners to demonstrate what they understand in taking sides, formulating ideas/topics, and debating through different roles of parliamentary style. Moreover, this course will bring reading/listening as connections as the basis for speaking practice. By encouraging students to speak up and to participate actively in class, this course will develop learners’ improvisational and argumentative speaking skills.


The core materials of the course are the following:


  •   Practical Debating : A Simple Guide to the Art of Debate in English(实用英语辩论技巧)(Sue Kay), I S B N:9787560054407 (Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Press [FLTRP] 外语教学与研究出版社, 2006.4,12:00元)
  •   Winning Debates: A Guide to Debating in the Style of the World Universities Debating Championships (Steven L. Johnson), (to be published soon by FLTRP) 



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