Sunday August 01 , 2021

Public Speaking


Public Speaking


General course description: This course has been designed to prepare students to face the personal challenges of making presentations in various situations where the element of persuasion is the ultimate goal.  It is available as a two-credit elective course to those who have already achieved a high level of proficiency in their integrated skills courses within the ELC program.  The recommended textbooks for this course are:


  •   The Art of Public Speaking, Stephen E. Lucas, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, ISBN 978-7-309-05692-1
  •  There’s No Such Thing as Public Speaking, Jeanette and Roy Henderson, New York: Prentice Hall Press, 2007


Other materials will be supplied, from time to time, by the instructor to supplement particular topics not fully exploited in the textbook.  These may be in the form of photocopied material when necessary for classroom use or by downloading from a specified internet website for self-study.



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