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Recent Publications and Reserch Projects

Recent Publications and Research projects



Lily Zhang
•The Mediation of Multimodal Affordances on Willingness to Communicate in the English as
a Foreign Language Classroom, TESOL Quarterly.
Ada Wang, Haley Zheng
•Reasoning Critical Thinking: Is it Born or Made, Theory and Practice in Language Studies,
6 (P1323-2591).
•The Use of Electronic Dictionaries in EFL Classroom, Studies in English Language Teaching,
4 (P144-156).
Zhang Xin
•Examining English Language Teachers through Metaphorical Analysis, Theory and Practice
in Language Studies, 8 (P1659-1664).
•Vocabulary Acquisition:What does it mean to know a word, Studies in English Language Teaching,
1 (P44-50).
Mingming Yuan
•International English, translation and the negotiation of cultural identity in ELT writing,
ELC Conference 2016: Bridging ELT Theory and Practice: Innovations and Reservations
in the Digital A.
•Translating gender in children's literature in China during the 1920s -- A case study of Peter Pan,
International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies, 4 (P26-31).
•Translating national ideology in China English - A diachronic investigation of Beijing Review,
International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature, 5 (P79-83).
•Translation of character names in dual-readership texts - A case study of Chinese translation of
Peter Pan, International Journal of English Language & Translation Studies, 4 (P74-82).
Yolanda Yang
•语言技能与跨文化能力的双重建构—汕头大学的大英课程改革, 海外英语, 20 (P83-85).
Gabriel Fang
•Book Review: Culture and Identity through English as a Lingua Franca: Rethinking Concepts and
Goals in Intercultural Communication, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development,
37 (P649-650).
•Investigating attitudes towards English accents from an ELF framework, The Asian Journal of
Applied Linguistics, 1 (P68-80).
•Mind your Local Accent: Does accent training resonate to college students' English use,
Englishes in Practice, 3 (P1-28).
•World Englishes or English as a Lingua Franca: Where does English in China Stand, English Today.


Zhang Xin
•A study of anxiety levels amongst Chinese students for a master degree in Teaching English
to Speakers of Other Languages at a UK University,The Asian Conference on Language Learning,
Haley Zheng
Zoey Zheng,Tian Lin
•How do Teachers Design a Class about Stereotypes? —An Analysis of a Lesson Plan,海外英语,
Yolanda Yang
•语言技能与跨文化能力的双重构建—汕头大学的大英课程改革, 海外英语OVERSEAS ENGLISH, 20(P83-85).
Gabriel Fang
•Book Review: Translingual Practice: Global Englishes and Cosmopolitan Relations, ELT Journal,


Chanchal Singh, Sohani Gandhioke
•Lesson 4: Play with Idioms, TESOL Press 2014, P163-164.
Peter Xiao, Li Wanli
Lily Zhang
Haley Zheng, Ada Wang
•ESP课程和普通大学英语课程中教师角色的对比, 新课程学习, 4 (P7).
Ada Wang
•ESP课程取代普通大学英语教学的可能性分析, 课程教育研究, 127.
•ESP理论视域下会计专门用途英语教学模式的新探究,科教文汇, 289(P152-153).


Gabriel Fang
•基于世界英语框架下教师与学生对语音教学的认识, 海外英语, (P49-52).
John Pierrel
• On the Use of PPTs in the EFL Classroom, English Teaching in China.
Don Snow
• Towards a theory of vernacularisation: insights from written Chinese vernaculars,
Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.
English Language and Learning, (P99-114).
• Revisiting Ferguson’s defining cases of diglossia, Journal of Multilingual and
Multicultural Development, 1 (P61-76).


Bruce Chen
• 从加州伯克利大学的办学模式来反思公立大学与政府的关系,教育教学论坛,2012年12月 第44期.
Su Li
• 基于建构主义理论的大学生英语自主学习意识培养策略,教育教学论坛,22.
Su Li, Jane Yu
• 基于整合思维的大学英语自主学习策略研究,海外英语,(P54-56).
Lavender Yuan
• SWOT-AHP法在ESP教学中的应用—以惯用语串教学为例,海外英语,9(P131-133,139).
• 中美电视剧中角色撒谎现象对比研究,黑龙江教育学院学报,04(P123-126).


Angela Su
• ( & Zeng Fq) Study on Entrepreneurial Process Model for SIFE Student Team Based on
Timmons Model. Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship,3, 206-214.
• An Empirical Study of the Cultivation of Autonomous learning Ability of College English
Students,(SR10003); Chair: Su li; Participant: Haley, Jane; Liberal Arts Foundation,
supported by Shantou University, 2011-1~2012-12; 20,000RMB.
Gabriel Fang
• ( & Yuan M.M.). Globalised English in Asia, Now and the Future – A Perspective between
English in Singapore and China. In: Zhang, L.J., & Rubdy, R., & Alsagoff, L. (Eds.). Asian
Englishes: Changing Perspectives in a Globalised World (pp. 93-118). Singapore: Pearson.
• International Cultures in the Framework of World Englishes: What Should EFL Teachers
Do. The Journal of AsiaTEFL, 8 (1), pp. 111-137.
• Teachers’ Feedback on Chinese English Idiom – With Reflection on English Education
in an ELF Framework. 4th Conference on English as a Lingua Franca. Hong Kong SAR: China.
Mark Robinson
• English Language Teacher Educator Conference, January 22-24, 2011, Hyderabad,
India, sponsored by the British Council, “Beyond Assessment: Curricula and materials
development for ESP/EAP teacher education”.
Peter Xiao
• (& Liu, J.) A new model in English language teaching in China: The case of Shantou
University, Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics, 3, 39-53.


Allana Jia
• Zhongming Chen, Hongbo Jia.“Teach Me to Fly:” A Literary-cum-Cultural Study of Paul
Yee’s Chinese-Canadian Female Characters. Forum for Chinese Literature of the World, 2,32-36.
• Hongbo Jia. The Loss of Female Subjectivity in The Blind Assassin. Journal of Northeast
Agricultural University (Social Science Edition), 5,72-75.
David Hume
• Goodbye B543, Temporary, 148-150.
Don Snow
• Hong Kong and Modern Diglossia. International Journal of the Sociology of
Language, 206, 2010.
• Autonomy and Strategizing in Self-Directed Language Learning. Asian Journal of
English Language Teaching 20, 2010.
• To Learn Chinese, Just Go to China? In Perspectives on Chinese Language and
Culture, edited by Ik-sang Eom, Yea-fen Chen, and Shih-Chang Hsin. Crane Publishing
Company, 2010.
• Diglossia in East Asia. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 20(1), 2010.
Gabriel Fang
• A Discussion on Developing Students’ Communicative Competence in College
English Teaching in China. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 1 (2),
pp. 111-116.
• 基于世界英语框架下的大学英语教学 [J]. 汕头大学学报, 26 (3), pp. 88-93.
• A Future Target of EFL Development in China – A Path from Communicative to
Intercultural Competence. 8th AsiaTEFL. Hanoi: Viet Nam.
• (& Kunschak, C.). Reorienting and Re-recognizing Chinese English in the
Framework of World Englishes. 16th conference on the International Association
for World Englishes. Vancouver: Canada.
• (&Kunschak, C. , Zheng H.B.). ELF: Identity + Comprehensibility = Common
Ground. 3rd Conference on English as a Lingua Franca. Vienna: Austria.
• An Attitudinal Study on Chinese English Idioms – with Reflections on English
Teaching in the Framework of World Englishes. ELC 2010 Conference. Shantou: China.
Mark Robinson
• Asian Conference on Education (ACE); December 2-5, 2010; Osaka, Japan; Panel
member for the Shantou University ELC on curricula and materials development for
ESP-Law courses.
• Annual Conference of the National Association of Foreign Language Education (NAFLE);
November 12-14, 2010; Beijing, China; “Beyond assessment: Teachers' roles in testing and
• Israel Forum on Academic Writing (IFAW); 28-29 July 2010; Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv,
Israel; “Trials and tribulations of Chinese law students with the English language:
Intercultural Rhetoric Research”.
• International Conference on English Language Teaching; April 27-29, 2010; Shantou
University English Language Center; Shantou, China; “Trials and tribulations of Chinese
law students with English.”
• Content-Based Instruction (CBI) Project.Rita, Mark Robinson; Author; STU; Sept
2010-June 2011; RMB5,000.
John Pierrel
• Let students ask the questions … and let the webosphere answer them! TESOLIN,
28(2), 10-11.
• Developing Materials for Teaching Word Stress in English. Department of English.
Muncie, IN, Ball State
University. M.A.: 127.


David Hume
• Touch: an independent review of ceramic work by Peter Battaglenn and Sara Wright,
Ceramic Art and Perception, Issue 77, 22-24.
Don Snow
• English Teachers, Language Learning, and the Issue of Power. In Christianity and
English Language Teaching: Political, Pedagogical, and Professional Tensions, edited
by Mary Wong and Suresh Canagarajah. Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, 2009.
Emma Zhang
• Speaking in Different Communication Styles [J] Cambodia TESOL Conference on
English Language Teaching Selected Papers Vol.5 2009,10.
Gabriel Fang
• Book Review: World Englishes in Asian Contexts. Asian Culture and History,
1 (1), pp. 53-54.
• Teaching Culture in the Framework of World Englishes – Reclaiming of Teaching
Native Culture. 2nd International Conference on English, Discourse and Intercultural
Communication. Macau SAR: Macau China.
• 《英语世界化下的中国英语——兼谈英语作为一门世界语的未来》,外语教学,
• Towards a New Perspective of Teaching Culture: in the Framework of World
Englishes. 5th CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching. Phnom
Penh: Cambodia.
• 《从电影<小孩不笨>看新加坡社会的多语制及新加坡英语——兼谈英语全球化
• 浅论英语交际能力的培养在大学英语教学的应用 [A]. 中国教育研究论丛 (pp. 10-12).
• (&杨伟燕, 杨伟璇, 肖哲英, 郑慕洁).高校远程英语课程改革与教师专业化发
展的相互作用研究 [J].
天津电大学报, 4, pp. 43-48.
• Book Review: World Englishes in Asian Contexts. Asian Culture and History, 1, 53-54.
Lily Zhang
• Public Speaking Course Construction and Synthesis Study on Methodology;
Chair: Lily Zhang; Participant: Haley Zheng, Rita Zhang; Level: Shantou University
--University level; (2009, 6---2011,6).
Peter Xiao
• (& Luo, M.) English co-curricular activities: A gateway to developing autonomous
learners, CamTESOL Conference on English Language Teaching: Selected Papers,
5, 239-251. (


Angela Su
• (&.Xu, L)Intertemporal Pricing and Allotment of Sea-cargo Capacity under
Reference Effect , Journal of Service Science and Management, 3, 204-214.
• Study on College English Teaching Methods Based on Cultivating Students’
Intercultural Communication Competence , Higher education research .12,46-47.
• Analysis of Teaching Countermeasures, Chinese Journal of Shantou University,
Don Snow
• Cantonese as Written Standard? Journal of Asian Pacific Communication,
18(2), 2008.
Gabriel Fang
• Optimization of Multimedia English Teaching in Context Creation. International
Education Studies, 1, 136-142.
• People mountain, people sea: a study of four Chinese English idioms on the
Web. English Today, 24, 46-50.
• (& Yuan M.M.). Globalised English in Asia, Now and the Future – A Perspective
between English in Singapore and China. The 13th International Conference on English
in Southeast Asia. Singapore.
• (&Kunschak, C.). Intelligibility, Acceptability, Target-likeness: Teacher vs. Student
Perspectives on the Teaching of Pronunciation within an EIL Framework. Linguistic
Society of the Philippines 2008 Conference and General Meeting. Manila: The Philippines.
• (&杨伟燕).优化英语多媒体教学语境创设的研究. 外语艺术教育研究 [J], 24 (4), pp. 56-60.
David Hume
• The development of souvenirs: the arc of the boomerang.
Lily Zhang
• College Student Perceptions of Peer Review in EFL Writing in China, Journal
of Sichuan International Studies University, 4, 141- 144.


Don Snow
• From Language Learner to Language Teacher: An Introduction to Teaching English
as a ForeignLanguage. TESOL Publications, 2007.
• Sustaining Self-Direct Language Learning. In English Language Teaching in China:
New Approaches, Perspectives and Standards, edited by Jun Liu. Continuum Ltd., 2007.
Emma Zhang
• (2007). Fostering Students’ Creative Thinking in Cooperative Learning [J] Shandong
Foreign Language Journal 2007,6.
David Hume
• (2007) Ceramic Sculpture: Fifth Biennial Art Exhibition at the China Art Academy,
Hangzhou, Ceramic Art and Perception, Issue 70, 62-68.

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