Monday March 25 , 2019

English Festival



With its many exciting English-mediated events and activities happening around the campus, this annual weeklong festival showcases the efforts and dedication of both the ELC and its students to create abundant opportunities for English learning. It is our hope that these opportunities will enable our students to use English competently and to think critically in the ever-expanding English-enhanced environment on campus.


At the heart of each English Festival are three major events:


  • Opening Ceremony with a Keynote Speech


  • The Intercollegiate Speech Contest


  • The Intercollegiate Singing Contest


  • The Intercollegiate Debate Contest



Each year something new and different is added to the main schedule. Past English Festivals have included game fairs, musicals, plays, and concerts. To prepare for all the events of the English Festival, teams of students, led by ELC instructors, draw on their creativity and enthusiasm, writing their own scripts and lyrics, designing their own costumes, sets, props, lighting, staging, sound effects, and more!


The most exciting element of the English Festival is that it is an opportunity to share our passion for English learning with other universities and visitors. Past participating universities and keynote speakers include:


  • Tsing Hua University


  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Xiamen University


  • Sun Yat-Sen University


  • Beihang University


  • East China Normal University


  • University of Hong Kong


  • Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Hong Kong Baptist University


  • University of Philippines


  • Chulalongkorn University


  • National University of Singapore


  • Kyoto Sangyo University


  • Jerome Cohen, Professor, School of Law, New York University, U.S.


  • Donald McQuade, Vice Chancellor for University Relations, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.


  • Long Yongtu, Vice Minister and Chief Representative for Trade Negotiations of MOFTEC



In the end, the ELC’s English Festival is about having fun with English learning. Students have the chance to exercise what they have learned at the ELC in addition to sharing their many creative and academic talents. It is also a great show, so, even if you suffer from a little stage fright, we encourage you to come along and join the audience!


The English Festival operates its own website. Click on this link to visit the English Festival website.


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