Monday March 25 , 2019

Special Features

v     Co-Curricular Activities:

The ELC sponsors over 20 different clubs and activities through which students can further develop their English outside class. These activities provide opportunities to practice key English skills, and create an on-campus atmosphere in which English is alive beyond the classroom.


v     Intercollegiate English Festival:

This yearly festival celebrates and encourages outstanding achievement in performance through contests in English speech, debate, and song, and through English-language theater.



v     Voice and Accent Program:

The ELC’s special emphasis on building students’ oral proficiency is enhanced by a special set of voice and accent training courses and activities.






v     Center for Independent Language Learning:



The ELC’s emphasis on building learner autonomy is supported by CILL, which



provides language study resources, and also guidance and support as students



learn how to design and carry out effective programs of independent language



study for English and other languages.



v  International Conferences:



Every other year the ELC holds an international TEFL conference, with prominent



invited speakers from China and abroad. This gives teachers from the ELC and



other universities in the region a chance to exchange ideas and learn from each



other’s best practices.





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