Sunday August 01 , 2021

Gender Issues

The Gender Issues Group is a discussion group focusing on problems and issues of gender, sexuality, gender roles and similar topics that people encounter both on campus and in society at large. We meet every week to discuss fun and serious topics in a casual setting. Topics in the past have ranged from dating in university, gender roles at home and same-sex marriage to AIDS, domestic violence, sexual harassment and prostitution. Last year we also participated in STU’s 16 Day Campaign to bring awareness of violence against women, AIDS and women’s rights.

This year, GI will include discussion, movies and guest speakers and aims to foster a comfortable space for students to share their ideas and hear others’ opinions on topics they may not be familiar with. All this, of course, in English! All proficiencies are welcome to attend.

Gender Issues will meet in the CILL (Centre for Independent Language Learning) on Wednesday nights from 9pm to 10pm.

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We welcome both men and women!



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