Sunday August 01 , 2021

Film Series


The ELC hosts an annual film festival for students, faculty, and other members of the university community in an attempt to enhance the communicative and cultural exposure to English on campus through the use of popular English-language movies and film-related discussions. Each series is centered around a specific theme, offering different perspectives and representations in order to encourage conversation and debate. In addition, each film is preceded by a brief lecture and followed by a discussion session, which help to contextualize the film within the theme, as well as to broaden students’ understanding of the topic.


This Year's Film Series

2009: Contemporary Political Biography

Past Film Series

2008: Advocacy in Action: Addressing Social Issues through Film

2007: Fall Special- American Teens on Film

2007: Human.Nature

2006: Visions of the Future from the Past- Apocalyptic Cinema from around the World

2005: American College Life on Film


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