Sunday August 01 , 2021

English Corner

English Corner (EC) is an integral part of ELC which plays an important role in improving STU students' English proficiency. This weekly event is open to the entire university with featured programs hosted by student staff members, engaging the audience in a variety of games and activities. These include: creating whacky stories together, participating in fierce and interesting debates, browsing surprising images with fun games, and listening to interviews with foreign teachers. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the usage of more English words and expressions in a comfortable way and share their views with others in different aspects.
Besides, EC is responsible for coordinating the Intercollegiate Singing Contest and helping EL with the Cross Country Activity. It is not only a place for students to talk with foreign teachers but also gives them a chance to meet and share ideas with other students who wants to practise their oral English. In addition, EC aims to enhance students’ public speaking skills, where all the EC members will be trained as MCs on-stage.
English Corner is held on a weekly basis and usually features 3 different programs during each session. It is subject to change, however, depending on other STU events. In the event of a time or venue change, a notice will be posted on the English Forum of STU BBS and the ELC website.
Time: Every Friday Night 8:00-10:00pm Location: ELC Activity Center, 2nd Floor, Building 9
Six Regular Programs:
Warm-up Games: To get the audience actively and quickly involved. No less than two new games will be added to make it funnier.
Amazing Image: Marvelous images related to one specific theme arouse audiences’ interest here.
Teacher Conversation: Casual conversation on certain topics with the invited teachers. Practical and academic topics will be involved aimed to enhance university students’ professional knowledge.
Word War: The most uncommon meanings of all the common words, the strangest words with all the ordinary meanings, help the audience with vocabulary problems through a comfortable way.
Say You Say Me: One topic every other week, mainly including how-to-do problems in different fields, such as how to manage your time or spend your money. Everyone can share their own experiences and points of view.
Who Is Persuasive: Some of the EC members hold up fierce debate with all the audience on controversial statements in order to make them braver to speak out and practice their ability to organize their words.


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