Sunday August 01 , 2021



Co-curricular activities and events are an essential part of the ELC program. The ELC offers numerous opportunities for students to practice both their oral and written skills and to increase their confidence in English. These student-run and instructor-led co-curricular activities provide students with a forum in which they can expand and improve on what they have learned inside the classroom. They also afford students the freedom to combine their skills in English with their own individual interests and talents. By reinforcing English learning with engaging and entertaining activities, students are challenged to use their English, helping them to build their overall communicative competence.

There are three types of co-curricular activities available to STU students through the ELC: English language publications, weekly activities, and series events. The diversity of the activities caters to the differing interests and needs of the ELC students. The Shantou Beat, the English language newspaper, gives students the chance to work on the editorial staff, is open to submissions from anyone at the university, and is always available for students to read. Weekly events, such as the English Corner, English Lounge, Creative Expression Club, and Reading Club, are focused primarily on communication skills, but are at the same time open-ended, encouraging students to participate as they feel comfortable, whether it be by singing, playing games, or having a conversation with a friend. The series events, such as the Conversation Series, Faculty Lecture Series, and the Film Series, cover a wide range of topics, from cultural considerations to practical advice about studying and learning English.

English activities and clubs within the ELC are not divided by course level or ability. In these groups the more advanced students act as role-models and share their experiences and perspectives as accomplished English learners with their fellow students. In the case of the English Lounge and the Creative Expression Club, ELC students not only participate, but also organize and lead the activities. Co-curricular activities are also a chance for the ELC teachers to meet students from other classes and share their own personal interests, whether through the Faculty Lecture Series or in casual conversation at the English Lounge.

No matter what the focus or structure is, there is one constant in all ELC activities: the enthusiasm of the students. Their energy and the variety of co-curricula activities on-campus makes English learning at the STU fun and exciting!


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