Sunday August 01 , 2021

A Visiting Tour to Four Universities in Hongkong

On November 15 of this year, a seven-member delegation representing STU’s English Language Center traveled to Hong Kong to visit the independent learning and language learning centers at four Hong Kong universities: the Independent Learning Center at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Center for Language Education at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Centre for Independent Language Learning at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Language Centre at Hong Kong Baptist University. ELC’s own Center for Independent Language Learning (CILL) has begun to put together its core Independent Language Learning Consultation service and the trip was an opportunity to discuss with the administrators at these established centers strategies for organizing CILL and ELC services and resources into a cohesive network of learning opportunities that students can assemble into independent language-learning plans. The four facilities visited differed in academic focus, service emphasis and centrality and application of IT resources, but each offered an invaluable look at the internal organization of a successful independent learning program. Among the items of particular interest were:


· an extensive schedule of workshops—both one-off lectures and workshop series—designed in cooperation with other university colleges and programs and aimed to meet specific learning needs and academic content needs not easily addressed in conventional courses.



· a computer-based archive of the study programs followed by individual students and including independent language work and participation in language-focused activities, clubs and organizations.



·  IT-based resources and in-house software designed to assist self-study and accessible from the center’s website.



·  promotional and outreach programs to extend the reach of center services.






Language Activity Officers at HKUST’s Center for Language Education.


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