Sunday August 01 , 2021

English Festival 2018








Nov. 3rd

2:00 pm

Speech Contest Semi-Final

Science Lecture Hall

Nov. 3rd

7:00 pm

Singing Contest Semi-Final

Science Lecture Hall

Dec. 7th

7:30 pm

Opening Ceremony

STU Sports Park

Dec. 8th

7:30 pm

Speech Contest Final

STU Sports Park

Dec. 9th

3:00 pm

Debate Contest Final

Mock Law Court (EJ102)

Dec. 9th

7:30 pm

Singing Contest Final

STU Sports Park






The sixteenth annual English Festival Intercollegiate English Speech Contest took place on Saturday, December 8th at 7:30 pm.

On Saturday night, four Shantou University speakerstook the stage alongside our guest speakers from Shanghai International Studies University,Chinese Culture University, National Chengchi University, Kyoto Sangyo University and Macau University of Science and Technology. The contestants were not only fiercely dedicated to the competition, but also skillfully wove their personal passions and values into their speeches that grappled with this year's theme: TheWorld ofUncertainty.Participants presented a three-minute speech that expressed their opinions or experiences related to this topic.




This year marked the tenth time that an intercollegiate debate competition was held as part of English Festival. The exciting contest took place on Sunday, December 7th at 3:00 pm at Mock Law Court (EJ102).

The purpose of the debate competition is to provide students with opportunities to think critically and skillfully express ideas about issues that are not only important to us, but also to the world that we live in. Many STU students have taken up debate not only as a worthwhile skill to hone but also as a genuine personal passion. Following the British Parliament (BP) style, the finalist of the STU Cup and the wild card entry competed for the coveted crown of the English Festival 2018 Debate.






As an essential part of English Festival, the Intercollegiate Singing Contest provides a platform for students from different institutions to show their talents through the medium of English songs.With moving ballads and rocking anthems, surprising interludes and remarkable lighting, theexciting Singing Contest of the ELC’s English Festival took place on Sunday, December 9th at 7:30 pm.

Spectators had the opportunity to witness the talents of finalists representingShanghai International Studies University,Chinese Culture University, National Chengchi University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Macau University of Science and Technologyand Shantou University. All were impressed not only by the performers’ musical talent, but also by their ability to perform in a second language.



English Festival 2018achieved a great success! We look forward to your participation in the 2019 English Festival!




Mao Sihui, Peter Xiao, John Harper and Scott Fisher

Event Coordinator:
Mickey Chen

EF Manager & the manager’s assistant:
Amy Liand Peibin Lin

Opening Night Manager & Team:
Faculty: Mickey Chen
Student: Vince Chen, Vanessa Chen, Dylan Gu, Hana He and Quella Chen

Speech Contest Manager & Team:
Faculty: Shirley Humphrey, Paul Davis, Deepali Anand and Jin Zhang
Student: Kevin Shi

Singing Contest Manager & Team:
Faculty: Nicholas Lischynsky, Irina Sialini and Hamish Rajarathnam Lokhu
Student: Cheero He

Debate Contest Manager & Team:
Faculty: Collin Tham
Students: Steven Lu

Stage Managers:
Vince Chen and Vanessa Chen



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