Tuesday September 19 , 2017
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Level 4


Level 4 “Making my Case”


General course description: This integrated skills course focuses on current issues and on analyzing and constructing arguments. Main components of this course will include:

                      v Study of material in the course textbook.

                      v Reading magazine and newspaper articles on current issues.

                  v Learning how to construct and strengthen a written argument (Arguendo modules).

                       v Researching and writing a position (argument) paper on a current issue.

                       v Developing formal oral presentation skills. 









Language goals:  In this integrated skills course students will work on reading, listening speaking, and writing, as well as building their command of vocabulary, chunks, sentence patterns, grammar, and so forth. In this course, however, special emphasis will be given to building students’ ability to:

v  Read, analyze, and critique texts that present arguments.

v  State and support positions orally.

v  Listen to lectures + take notes.

v  Present and support cases in writing and speaking.

v  Develop written arguments in depth – full explanation, adequate specific detail, and adequate evidence.

v  Write basic research papers (citation, reference list, etc.)

v  Present research in an effective and audience-appropriate way.


Breakthrough goals:

v  Build and consolidate students’ comfort and willingness to read materials in English (both extensively and intensively).


Thinking skill goals:

v  Build students’ ability to analyze and critique arguments.

v  Build students’ ability to express, explain and defend points in discussion and writing.


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