Monday September 25 , 2017
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Level 3


Level 3 “Reaching out to the World”


General course description: This integrated skills course gives special attention to culture learning and intercultural communication skills. Main components of this course will include:

                  vStudy of material in the course textbook.

                  vCritical incident exercise modules to build intercultural skills and discussion skills.

             vMovie study to build skills for learning about other cultures through films, and also to build discussion skills.

                  vReading groups to build extensive reading skills, culture learning skills, and discussion skills.

                  vResearch paper to build research and culture study skills.




Language goals: In this integrated skills course students will work on reading, listening speaking, and writing, as well as building their command of vocabulary, chunks, sentence patterns, grammar, and so forth. In this course, however, special emphasis will be given to building:

v  Ability to discuss issues in English – solving problems and building consensus.

v  Abilities to understand films in English.

v  Ability to research topics and write papers.

Ø  Make clear points, explain them well, and support them with concrete detail and examples.

Ø  Practice citing sources properly, etc.

Ø  Practice revising.

Ø  Build accuracy. (Usage, phrasal verbs, etc.?)


Breakthrough goals:

v  Further build comfort and willingness to watch films in English; entrench the habit of watching films in English.

v  Further build comfort and willingness to read books in English (extensively).


Thinking skill goals:

v  Build students’ ability to analyze intercultural problem situations, including:

Ø  Seeing alternative interpretations of a situation.

Ø  Seeing different cultural perspectives.

Ø  Strategizing responses.

v  Build students’ ability to learn about other cultures.

vBuild students’ ability to develop points – explaining and supporting them.

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