Monday September 25 , 2017
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Level 2


Level 2 “Listening to the world”


General course description: This integrated skills course gives special attention to media watching with the goal of getting students into the habit of watching TV shows (movies, etc.) in English. . Main components of this course will include:

           vStudy of material in the course textbook.

           v Presentations.

           v Listening exercises.

           vAnalyzing language learning problems – especially related to building listening skills - and generating strategies.

     vWriting short compositions.





Language goals: In this integrated skills course students will work on reading, listening speaking, and writing, as well as building their command of vocabulary, chunks, sentence patterns, grammar, and so forth. In this course, however, special emphasis will be given to building:

v  Ability/comfort listening to authentic materials in English (TV shows, etc.) with the aim of increasing the number of students who develop the habit of watching/listening to media products in English without relying on Chinese subtitles.

v  Ability to take notes when listening to speeches, talks, etc. in English.

v  Vocabularies – especially their listening vocabularies.

v  Ability to orally present and explain opinions, and support them with examples.

v  Ability to express and explain opinions in short compositions, and illustrate with examples; also to building accuracy.


Breakthrough goals: This course will not only help students build better English skills, but also more sustainable English skills, especially in the following area:

  v  This course should give students enough practice listening to authentic materials in English that they lose their fear of listening to authentic English materials and become more willing to watch and listen in English. A further goal is that as many students as possible will develop the habit of regularly watching TV programs and films in English, so that they keep using their English even after the course ends.


Thinking skill goals:

v  Build students’ ability to analyze problems related to various aspects of language learning, and to devise effective strategies – especially with regard to listening skills.

v  Build students ability to (critically) learn about other cultures through watching TV shows/films that portray those cultures.

vBuild students’ ability to develop a point – to explain it adequately, and support it with concrete detail and examples.

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