Tuesday September 19 , 2017
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Level 1


Level 1 “Learning to Learn a Language”


General course description: This integrated skills course gives special attention to reading skills and vocabulary acquisition; also to building students’ ability to learn languages effectively. Main components of this course will include:

                 Studying material in the course textbook, especially the reading and listening passages.

                 v Practicing basic social conversation.

                 v Giving presentations.

            v  Practicing extensive reading.

            v       Analyzing language learning problems and generating strategies.

                 v Writing short compositions that express a personal opinion.







Language goals: In this integrated skills course, students will work on reading, listening speaking, and writing, as well as building their command of vocabulary, chunks, sentence patterns, grammar, and so forth. This course, however, will give special emphasis to building:

v  Basic social conversation skills; in particular, ability to start and sustain basic social conversations with interesting and appropriate questions and good topics.

v  Ability to give effective presentations – i.e. well-delivered presentations with interesting content.

v  Extensive reading skills.

v  Vocabulary – especially reading vocabulary.

v  Basic writing skills, especially ability to write short messages (email, journal entries). This involves:

Ø  Building ability to state and explain opinions.

Ø  Building written accuracy by reducing the number of basic errors in high frequency structures such as basic verb tenses, countable nouns + determiners and plural endings, and word usage.


Breakthrough goals: This course will not only help students build better English skills, but also more sustainable English skills, especially in the two following areas:

v  This course should give students enough practice in basic social conversation that they become less afraid of social interaction in English – and more willing to take advantage of speaking practice opportunities at STU such as the many extra-curricular activities promoted by the ELC.

v  This course should give students enough practice with pleasurable reading in English that their willingness to voluntarily read in English increases, as well as their comfort in doing so.


Thinking skill goals: This course will build students’ ability to analyze language learning problems and devise effective strategies for solving problems and attaining goals, especially in the following areas:

v  Strategies for learning to study effectively with typical English textbooks.

v  Strategies for vocabulary learning.

vStrategies for building reading skills.

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