Monday September 25 , 2017
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Foundations “A song in English”


General course description:  This course is for students who would benefit from additional preparation before entering required ELC courses. We assume that many of these students have never had a successful experience with English study, and that if they are to have a chance of making significant progress in the ELC program, they need a re-orientation to English study. This course will focus not only on building students’ English skills, but also their building their motivation through giving them a positive experience with English learning. Main components of this course will include:


v  Study of material in the course textbook.

v  Speaking activities, especially interviews.

v  Extensive reading.

v  Learning songs (for both motivational and language-learning reasons).


Goals of the course


Language goals: In this integrated skills course, students will work on reading, listening speaking, and writing, as well as building their command of vocabulary, chunks, sentence patterns, grammar, and so forth. Special emphasis will be given to building:

v  Ability (and confidence) to carry on simple social conversation in English, and sustain conversation through asking and answering questions; also ability to function in a course taught in English.

v  Ability to read simplified texts extensively – and having an enjoyable experience reading in English.

v  Pronunciation.

v  Command of the basic conventions of written English - capitalization, spacing, punctuation, and so forth.

v  Command of popular songs.


Other goals:

v  Give students positive experiences in speaking English, so that they will be more willing to speak in later ELC courses, and also participate in ELC co-curricular activities.

v  Build students’ confidence that they can make progress in English.

vImprove students’ language learning habits and skills.






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