Tuesday September 19 , 2017
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Useful Links

Shantou University http://www.stu.edu.cn

Shantou University English Festival Organized by ELC http://ef.stu.edu.cn

English Symposium Organized by ELC http://elc.stu.edu.cn/elc2010

Listening materials in the library

Videos in the library http://www.lib.stu.edu.cn/dbdetail.aspx?id=167


Listening materials, movies, videos, etc.
(Please find the folder named "Listening Material", then go to V for pronunciation and intonation

ELC Virtual Classroom http://my.stu.edu.cn

Shantou University English Virtual Classroom http://my.stu.edu.cn

ELC teachers' office-hour schedule http://my.stu.edu.cn/courses/elc/calendar/view.php?view=month&cal_d=1&cal_m=03&cal_y=2012&course=1

ELC FTP resource: 1) address; 2) please contact your teacher if you don't know the FTP account (or password) of your class.

**how to use FTP** Open IE -- input the address -- hit Enter -- type in your account name and password -- then click "Page" and find "Open FTP in Windows broswer" in the drop down list -- last type your account name and password again. You will get through to your FTP. (***Of course there are tons of FTP software you can use and can download online. This's totally up to you.***)

Digital Storytelling FTP:; user: digital stories; NO password.

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