Monday September 25 , 2017
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The Shantou Beat

The Shantou Beat is a new and exciting aspect of the university’s English Enhancement Program. Within its short two years of publication, this second-language newspaper has established itself as an information window, bringing Shantou University to the world and the world to the university.

The newspaper provides numerous English language use opportunities and encourages students’ contributions. Our purpose is to create an English platform for STU students to practice their writing and express their views, while also providing high quality reading material that students will find exciting and stimulating to read in their spare time. The articles in the newspaper are from both English teachers and STU students, and we welcome creative ideas, valuable opinions, and constructive feedback from students and teachers alike.

The Shantou Beat comes out twice per semester. Copies are available at the English Lounge (1st Floor of the Postgraduate Students’ Building) and in the ELC office (4th Floor of Wennan).

The Shantou Beat Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Claudia Kunschak
Co-Editor: Diann Geisbert & Myra Ingmanson
Assistant Editors: Fang Lin & Fang Xing
Managing Editor: Fang Lin
Column Editors: Ding Li, Liu Qian, Chen Zhile, Shen Manshan, Xie Qingyun, Feng Zhikun, Fang Zeyi, Liang Xilong
Art Designers: Wu Jie Ping, Huang Kangming
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: 0754-8290-4639

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