Tuesday September 19 , 2017
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English Lounge

The English Lounge is a student-run organization designed to provide students with an all-English environment in which they can practice their oral English skills. Students come to the Lounge to be part of an inviting and comfortable, yet engaging and lively, atmosphere, where they can chat with their classmates and foreign teachers, read, or even watch movies. The Lounge is equipped with comfortable chairs and couches and has a wide selection of English language movies and books. The Lounge also offers its guests a variety of inter-Lounge programs, contests, and festivals.

However, English Lounge programs are not limited to the Lounge itself. The Lounge also extends to other areas of Shantou University's campus, by hosting events and programs outside the Lounge that promote and enhance English learning on campus. Two of the more well know of these are the Annual Halloween Festival and English Lounge Cross Country.


Finally, the Lounge is not only focused on improving guests' English skills, but also makes time and efforts to improve the language skills of its own volunteer staff. The Lounge has also offered writing workshops for staff who are interested in receiving extra help in improving and advancing their English writing skills. Time: Monday-Thursday, 7:30-10:30pm Location: ELC Activity Center, 2nd Floor, Building 9

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